About JTR

Your partner in grading, offering a one-stop solution for consumer confidence.

Founded on internationally accepted standards and equipped with decades of experience. JTR’s diamond and diamond jewellery grading institute blends traditional grading processes with the latest proprietary innovative technologies, ensuring that your diamonds are in safe hands.

JTR safeguards the gem and jewellery industry’s future with transparent grading practices.

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, JTR’s (Jewellery Technology Research) gemmological institute stands on the shoulders of numerous qualified women and men who have graded millions of diamonds on its premises during the past decade and a half.

With its establishment, JTR is taking diamond and diamond jewellery grading into the future. Its laboratory is equipped with the latest gemmological instruments, tools, and technology. JTR’s graders follow the diamond industry and trade’s internationally accepted grading standards and practices.

Embracing innovation while staying rooted in the practices of traditional diamond grading

A modern scientific complex of the level of the world’s leading research institutes, where an international team of experienced researchers and young scientists is engaged in the development of new products and research in the field of industry and the environment. 

Through its extensive R&D efforts, innovative trademarked technology, extensive data accumulation, and the application of AI (artificial intelligence), JTR is at the forefront of semi-automatic and automatic grading procedures. By taking this route, JTR safeguards the gem and jewellery industry’s future with transparent, responsible, and accountable grading practices.